Laminating Machines

Graphicmaster3-1600A number of businesses in retail, art, school supplies and advertising will benefit from an office laminating machine. The laminating machines will secure your documents from dust and impurities, ensuring luster and shine to your important documents wherever and whenever it is needed. Your laminating roll machines are basically thermal machines that utilize heat to seal the open edges of your laminating pouches and binding the layer together. The heating surface of the machine varies in form and shape either it is a heated roller or heated shoes which long and flat elongated aluminum plates. Both heating surfaces makes use of a roller system that optimizes adhesions and bubble formation in your work plate. The high precision heating surface are meticulously even and flat, pre-tested using pressure sensitive film analysis. It is also note worthy that laminating films are less expensive than laminating pouches both in machine and per square inch of raw material. All thermal laminators come with control switches that control roller speed and temperature to suit the thickness and speed of lamination depending on your personal needs. Here are some of the more common kinds of Laminating machines found in the market:

School and Office type – Theses models are the least expensive among the rest. Laminating width varies from 13 – 27 inches. Film thickness tolerance is only up to 3mm and is relatively slower in speed compared to the commercial models.

Wide Format Laminators – These have very similar functions to your school and office model but width range reaches 40 to 60 inches. It can mount up to 5mm thick and is faster than the school and office type of machines.

Commercial Lamination – The commercial types are preferred for high volume usage, speed and high quality. It can iron out up to 10mm thickness and it possesses advance features like single-sided laminating, high speed automatic cutting and feeding, and footage counters.

 These types of thermal roll laminators have many models under them allowing you to create more durable, attractive signs and menus, and other promotional materials. It is best to study the different strength of each model, to find the best one to suit your business.

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