Tools to Make Your Document Better Protected

Often people mix up encapsulation and lamination but these are two absolutely different terms. Lamination is simply used for finishing and fine looking. We can say it primary augmentation. In primary enhancement paper does not become moister protected, moister get into paper through edges. A thin film of polypropylene is used for lamination which just improves presentation but not well for protection purpose. Lamination is used for catalogues and magazines only.

Encapsulation is something different from lamination. It is called as secondary enhancement. This coating is much better than lamination because document is better protected. Moisture protected is well known attribute for encapsulation. A thick film of polyester is used for covering and it is ideally suitable for menu cards, wedding cards, credit cards etc.

The major difference lies between encapsulation and lamination is due to film, its thickness and thinness. Using better quality films affects the quality of product. There are many kinds of encapsulating films. Stop light encapsulation film, Light crystal encapsulation film, Gloss encapsulation film and Matt encapsulation film are few kinds of it.

Pressure sensitive film is used when you require high quality print with fine colors and embossed design. Density of print’s color shows relative pressure, lighter the color lower the pressure and darker color shows more pressure. Locally manufactured films are fine to use but imported films are more trusted. However compatibility issue may occur so the film which is going to be used, must be compatible with machine otherwise desired quality will not be obtained.

To avoid compatibility issue machine and films should be bought from same place and further guide must be taken for future use. Much better that you get manual from supplier or get a short training from experienced person. Know how of these machines and usage is necessary for proper maintenance.

You can pay a visit to Gmpuk to get more information about the lamination machines.


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