Keep safe your achievements, memories and happiness

First success is special for everyone. We all want to preserve our every triumph forever. Our celebrations, memories and pleasures should be protected and dust clean. In this new era a lot of innovations and modernization helps us to keep our fade memories as fresh and new as our daily life. Nowadays lamination is the best way to cover our photos, certificates, cards and other important documents with plastic sheet to protect them by dust, water etc. These lamination films are water proof and durable.

Lamination methods:

There are two methods of laminating

  • Hot Rolling

  • Cold rolling

In hot rolling method heat is used to stick the plastic on your documents. This method needs more concentration to avoid burning and also requires a power supply. Rather than in cold rolling a gentle pressure is required to paste plastic layer on different materials. Cold rolling is much easier than hot one. Now you can see laminationlaminating machines method everywhere like in schools, restaurants, offices and homes. They use laminating machines for business cards, identity cards, book covers, menus, photos and banners.

Why use lamination?

  • Laminated materials are reusable.

  • It protects your important documents and expensive pictures for lifetime.

  • It gives durability to posters and sign boards.

  • It enhances your graphics with glossy look and attracts customers.

  • Dirt and other stains can be easily removed.

  • It consumes less time and money.

gmpuk gives you a wide range of films used for lamination. Here you get variety in size, texture and lengths for different functions. They offer you high quality lamination sheets in very reasonable rates. If you have any confusion or want something which is not mentioned on site then you can freely call them on given contact number and ask personally about their services and work excellence.

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